April 9, 2019

For the longest evening, we have nothing.

The lorry is delayed, and we squat in an

unfurnished box, pine-smelling and so clean

it hurts the eyes to look. We are waiting

to hear the growl of our possessions rolling

into the gravel drive, but it’s silent here

and there’s nothi...

March 31, 2019

I’m on a train between two towns

Towards a town that once was mine

I knew of its anatomy

Familiar to its queer design

Your veins: the paths I walked along

The passages I only know

And sauntering through streets beyond

The sunset’s reddish golden glow

Or stopping in a coffee sh...

March 24, 2019

1st January

I am everything

and yet,

I was nothing...


I am streak within stillness

and scent within storm,

with stature of Saturn--

I am twelve feet tall.


I am breeze of heat's wave

that saves sorrow's shoes;

once a bruise of heart's blames

within old twisted truths.


I am...

March 21, 2019


       I want to be trapped behind windows,

amongst forgotten records,

with the scabs and memories

of those gone before me

who lost the good fight

and paid in time.

          I want the certainty of streetlights,


Oh sea, enormous sea, wild heart

Of irregular beats, evil heart,

I’m more tender than that meagre staff

That rots in your captive waves.

Oh sea, give me your tremendous wrath,

I spent my life forgiving,

for I understood you, sea, I left giving:

Mercy, mercy for the one who of...

March 15, 2019

Where do you go to my lover; tell me

Why do you rejoice in my pain’d look

When your shy form retreats; as soon you’ll be

Like my heart. E’er returning to Pembroke

Fiercely gentle, my lover fears no foes,

Any who cross her, are swiftly run aground,

But those whom she loves, r...

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