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We are a brand new literary magazine, hoping to publish the best new and emerging writers out there! 

Here at Iceberg Tales, we are passionate about uncovering ambitious, thought-provoking pieces of work that we know are hovering just below the surface.

Initially inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s Iceberg theory of fiction, we began to think about what the image of the Iceberg could mean for us as lovers of literature. We thought of the vast, mysterious depths shimmering in rays of moonlight just below the surface of the water. We thought about the moments of fleeting, fragile beauty present just for a moment, before retreating back within the caverns of the ocean. And, as we so often do, we thought about literature.


Poetry, Short Stories, Criticism and Flash Fiction make up far more of, what we at Iceberg Tales think of as, literature than is indicated by their commercial footprint. Likewise, there is a rich and diverse pool of literary talent hovering just out of view, yearning for a chance to express itself. It is our pleasure and our privilege to shine a light on this wonderful, vibrant and diverse world beneath the surface. We hope you will find something in our pages that makes you want to look a little deeper.

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