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Law School at Night

I want to be trapped behind windows,

amongst forgotten records,

with the scabs and memories

of those gone before me

who lost the good fight

and paid in time.

I want the certainty of streetlights,

surveying the hidden few,

who found the unspoken recipe

for a narrative of autonomy.

I want the top floor,

where well-dressed predators

consider jumping out windows

just to experience the perfect view.

I want to be seduced

with red wine, blue cheese

and white lies.

I want to witness the Judges

judge the witnesses.

I want my own clichés.

I want the scrutiny of many

who, in search of potential,

plot the dreaded assimilation

of my strengths and faults.

I want my faults

to live on the moisture of your tongue,

in your sinuses and sinew,

so you can taste what I speak

in the archives of shared experience,

trapped behind these windows.

Written by Jordan Hamel, 2018 New Zealand Poetry Slam champion

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