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Oh sea, enormous sea, wild heart

Of irregular beats, evil heart,

I’m more tender than that meagre staff

That rots in your captive waves.

Oh sea, give me your tremendous wrath,

I spent my life forgiving,

for I understood you, sea, I left giving:

Mercy, mercy for the one who offends most.

Vulgarity, vulgarity accosts me!

Oh, they have brought me the city and the man.

Force your nameless wrath upon me:

I am already tired of this rosy task.

Do you see the vulgar? The vulgar pains me,

I lack the air and where it is missing,

I don’t want to understand, I cannot:

It is the vulgarity that poisons me.

Impoverished as understanding overwhelms,

Impoverished as understanding suffocates,

Blessed the strength of the rock!

I have the heart of sea-spray.

Oh sea, you are as I dreamed you,

There, in the eve of my life

It burst open under the warm hours.

Oh, you are as I dreamed you.

Look at me here, miserable and small,

All grief defeats me, all dreams;

Oh sea, give me, give me the unshakable strength

To become arrogant and unreachable.

Give me your salt, your sting, your fierceness.

Sea air! Oh tempest! Oh anger!

From my wretched self, I am a reef,

And I die, sea, I succumb to my poverty.

And my soul, it is there, like the sea,

Oh how the city rots it, and mistakes it;

A little life, provoked by pain,

I can free myself of your weight!

My strength evaporates, my hope evaporates,

My life must have been horrible

It must have been an irrepressible artery

And now its just a scar that aches forever.

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