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Between Two Towns

I’m on a train between two towns

Towards a town that once was mine

I knew of its anatomy

Familiar to its queer design

Your veins: the paths I walked along

The passages I only know

And sauntering through streets beyond

The sunset’s reddish golden glow

Or stopping in a coffee shop

Beyond the background chitter-chatter

A brain that’s ticking with the clock

Considering another matter

The little wooden bridges where

The trolls were hidden underground

And over them we’d run so fast

Whilst trying not to make a sound.

Through the arches where trees bend and sway

With muddy puddles, and the surface of the river ripples,

Like cellophane on soup in a microwave

Under a golden sunset

Where the ducks and the geese wait in line

And little hands throw crumbled bread,

The Church bell announces once again,

Another couple to be wed.

But now I am a mere observer

Staying in a town of strangers

Your stony walls they stare me down

And I observe an unfamiliar town.

I’m on a train between two towns,

Seat nineteen coach K

The track is running up and down

I’m on a train between two towns.

I’m on a train between two towns.

Violet is a literature student at the University of York. She has always loved reading and writing poetry and continues to be inspired through her studies at university.

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