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Please give generously

Here at Iceberg Tales, we love supporting new and emerging writer and artists. As writers ourselves, we are aware of how much time, energy and love goes into to crafting every piece.

With this in mind, we decided at a very early stage that we would pay all contributors and we're exceptionally happy to do so. This industry is so difficult financially and anything we can do to compensate the artists for their wonderful work is a privilege.

With this in mind, any donations toward the running of the magazine would be hugely appreciated. All donations will go toward either paying the contributors or toward financing our debut print edition. Please give generously, there is no donation too small!

Information for contributors 

We are happy to announce that we will be providing feedback on submissions if the contributor makes a non-compulsory donation of £2. This is a recommended figure, any more or less will still be hugely appreciated.

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